What To Expect: In-Home Newborn Session

May 18, 2023

I have been a mom to three newborns, two of those were at the same time actually, so I know what it’s like those first days, weeks, and months postpartum. You are covered in spit-up, haven’t showered in days, smell like something you don’t recognize, and there is most likely a dread or two in your hair (is that just me? Cool cool cool).

You are also most likely still bleeding (sorry first-time moms, and yes, even if you have a c-section).

When it comes to getting newborn photos, there is no better place to capture these than in your space, in your element. I capture the cuddles, the nursery, the feeds, the love, and anything and everything in between. This is also a good excuse to shower, get that dread out, and change out of that nursing/pumping top.

All I need is one naturally well-lit space in your home (living room, nursery, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, wherever). I can make the most of the lighting situations without bringing in artificial light or flash. Plus, the goal is to keep this as low-stress as possible, so please:

  • don’t feel the need to redecorate your house
  • don’t clean your entire home
  • don’t get completely dressed up

I hope you feel the freedom to be exactly who you are in this moment, as casual or dressy as you feel like getting. The most important thing is to capture the love between you and this new little chunk you brought home into your lives.


When should you get these done? Typically people will schedule a newborn session anywhere within the first 48 hours and 3 months of the baby’s life. You are probably thinking “that’s a big range!” but everyone has different timeframes. The earlier you do it the sleepier and tinier they are they are. I don’t typically pose the babies in baskets or on pillows (sometimes, but that’s not my style) but those types of images are best earlier in their little lives. Some people like to get a feel for their routine before getting photos, so waiting a few weeks allows that to happen! And at the 3-month mark, babies are smilier, more durable, and have filled out a lot more at this point. It’s all based on preference and I will do my best to be available when you need me to be. Here are a few examples of different ages of babies, from left to right: the baby in the swaddle blanket is about 2 weeks old, the baby in the middle was about a month old, and the baby in the beanie was about 3 months.


Typically, the entire shoot is based on the baby’s cues and what THEY want to do (get used to this, they will do this at every family session until they are in their 20’s). The nice part about “lifestyle newborn sessions” like mine, is that:

  • they do not require the baby to be asleep in order to get photos
  • the session lasts about 60-90 minutes (instead of 4 hours like some posed newborn sessions)
  • I am in your space, so you don’t even have to drive anywhere


I want to capture all the sweet, tiny, perfectly grown features of this new life. They will be bigger than you could even imagine, sooner than you ever thought possible. I also like to make sure you know, I don’t remove baby bumps, dry skin, or anything that is completely normal for a fresh baby, but I do remove scratches, some bumps, and other things. I do recommend you clean the lint out of toesies, clip your own nails, and try not to put tight clothing on the baby to limit indents in the skin (makes my life easier during editing).


I recommend keeping all outfits as simple and no fuss as possible. I know what it’s like to put on real clothes during the postpartum phase, and it’s not always a good time. Dress comfortably (wear leggings, maternity jeans, or a cozy dress), brush your hair, and if you want, get your nails done (not a priority but it’s a nice excuse to get pampered for those close-up detail shots).

If you want to keep the baby in a simple onesie or just a diaper/swaddle blanket until I get there, that allows us to get some photos if the baby is asleep when I get there and helps us to not wake them to get them dressed. I also recommend that you set aside a few different options, and when I get there I can help you pick out the really special baby outfits (limits the chance of a blowout or spit up), and then we can get to work!


If you are reading this, you are most likely already looking at dates on my calendar, but if not, what are you waiting for?! Here is a link to my Pricing Guide for you to check out to find the right package for you and your family! I offer single Newborn portrait sessions, or I also have a Grow With Me Package that combines 3-sessions at a discounted rate (the entire cost of the package is due upfront at the time of booking). To connect with me, please fill out this contact form and I will get back to you with more information!

Thank you for reading this and I cannot wait to capture this milestone for you!

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